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2021 Alumni Access

Returning Splash Mates get an early pass to purchase Splash

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About the Alumni Access

We’ll be opening our ticketing carts one hour early at 11am on June 17th for returning Splash Mates. Those who purchased a hotel package in 2020 are eligible, even if you opted for a refund or have an existing rollover order.

Qualifying for Alumni

Qualification for alumni access is based solely on customer order information from 2020. We cannot combine orders If a friend or family member purchased your hotel package.

Receiving A Code

If you qualify for Alumni Access you’ll receive an email from us with your access code prior to the On Sale. This code will be valid for either weekend of Splash House. Order limits apply and inventory is not guaranteed. If you’d like to purchase more than the order limit, please register for the public onsale at splashhouse.com/onsale to receive an additional access code for the public on sale at 12pm on June 17th.

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  • How do I know if I qualify?
    All qualifying Splash Mates will receive an Alumni Access code via email.
  • Where will my Alumni Code be sent?
    Your code will be sent to the email address you used to purchase your Splash House hotel package from the previous year.
  • What happens If I do not receive my Alumni Code?
    Please check your spam folder and alternate email addresses you may have used to purchase your hotel package. If you qualify, have access to the email in which you used to purchase a hotel package in 2019, and did not receive a loyalty code you can reach out Ticketing Purchase Support at 855-943-5418 to confirm your email on file and resend your access code.
  • I no longer have access to my purchaser email. Can I update it?
    If you no longer use or have access to the email address in your account, you may contact Ticketing Purchase Support at 855-943-5418 to update your account and receive your access code. You’ll be asked to verify information on the account to make any changes.
  • If my friend purchased the hotel package for our group, can I receive an access code?
    No. We will only be sending Alumni Access codes to the purchasers on file. We also cannot combine accounts if your friends traded the weekend purchases. Be sure to use the same account purchases to qualify for future Alumni Access!